Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – Hello there!

In three weeks we will be able to play the long-awaited game – Jedi: Survivor. Some of us have expectations for the title, others are sceptical, but we are all excited about the new game. What can we expect?

In a galaxy far, far away…

Jedi Survivor is the sequel to the well-known Jedi: Fallen Order. Cal is more mature, more experienced, more powerful, and still fighting for his and his crew’s survival. However, this time his bond with the Force is much stronger and he is already a Jedi Knight.

The game is set five years after the events of the Fallen Order, and it’s not just Cal who has grown stronger. His enemies have not stopped evolving. The Empire is even more powerful and more motivated to win and remove the threat of the stubborn Jedi by all available means. And a new opponent awaits: Bedlam Raiders led by a cyborg called Rayvis.


After seeing the available gameplays and reading the previews, we can see that the developers have seriously taken the feedback from the players to heart. Long and tiring hikes are gone and you can get exactly where you need to be (if you don’t want to spend time exploring) because now you can fast travel! Didn’t like the poncho that Cal wore? Didn’t like how he looked? Now we can change his clothes, and hairstyles and even mix and match at will.

The lightsaber building screen has a new look and is more interactive. We can exchange materials and parts in real time. The map has also been improved.  Now the areas are highlighted and the map itself is easier to read.

By controlling Cal, players will also feel how his power has increased. In addition to the standard skills, we can now use Jedi mindtricks. We will also have access to more saber stances (e.g., Single Blade, Double Blade and the Dual Blade stance), which we can use during combat. Each form functions slightly differently and has its own unique set of skills. Each also has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Punch it, Chewie!

I could talk about this game for hours and speculate on the plot, but that would miss the point. New characters, new and old (familiar to fans) locations, new enemies, puzzles to solve, skills to unlock and a galaxy to save. There is certainly something to look forward to. On April 28 we will find out exactly what we will face and what fate has in store for Cal Kestis this time.

We’re in for an amazing ride, and we’d better buckle up.

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