Kalkstein’s Horror – Tournament Event

Still missing cards to complete your collection? Collecting powder takes too long and you really want that premium shine added to your cards and some cool vanities? Bored with playing Gwent exactly the same way every day? Or really into home brewing and frustrated that creating that unique decks doesn’t give you any other reward than pure satisfaction?

Despair no more – Kalkstein’s Horror Tournament is here to help. With a massive prize pool of 180 Premium Kegs, 14400 Meteorite Powder, countless Vanities, it can greatly help you to accomplish your collection goals, and with 6 separate Tournaments played over the course of 3 days, each with unique, funny and creative rules, you can not only prove your skills, but also have plenty of fun playing your favourite card game.

If you are interested, do not hesitate any longer, register using the below links to the Tournaments. And remember that there are no limitations to participation – you can play one you find particularly appealing, or register in all and break that Vivaldi Bank hoarding just too much treasure.

1. Sword of Damocles

2. Wheel of Fortune

3. The Time Warp

4. A Little Drop of…

5. Recipe for Transmutation

6. Failed Experiment

To help you with registration, preparation and ensuring it’s pure fun, and no stress, we have created these materials to help you in participating in this crazy adventure:

1. A quick visual guide describing all the steps to take to successfully sign up to and enjoy our Tournament stress free – especially useful if you haven’t played in any tournament before.

2. Kalkstein’s story – to let you immerse yourself even more in the crazy and dangerous world of the mad professor himself.

3. A pack of Wallpapers – to finally get rid of those boring Windows defaults and get real about your love to Gwent

4. Kalkstein’s Horror Tournament channel on our Discord – so that you can ask any questions and get help live during the Tournament.

5. Our meta report – to give you some inspiration for what’s hot and not when building your decks.

Good luck, and see you in the lab – either standing by, or laying on, the experimentation table!

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