Resident Evil 4 Remake – Welcome again… Las Plagas!

The series, which has been on the gaming market for almost thirty years and which continues to attract more fans, has received another remake. Tomorrow (March 24, 2023) we will be able to take on the role of Leon S. Kennedy. What can we expect?

Veterans know Leon’s story, but those of you new to Resident Evil should know that the protagonist is not the same character you met in Resident Evil 2 – assuming you started with it. Leon is no longer the rookie cop we know and love, but a more mature and battle-hardened version of himself. He is now a special agent who has seen a lot in his short life and is prepared for anything… especially for the next new madness.

Blend of something old and new.

Leon’s mission is to find and rescue the president’s daughter and keep her alive during the game. Do not expect changes in the storyline, as the real revolution begins with how the updated version of the game looks. It is still the same game, with similar locations and atmosphere, however, what seems familiar to you will quickly become scary and disturbing, thanks to the refreshed version of the well-known classic game. The effect is stunning.

As in previous installments, what was lacking in the classics (and what at the same time distinguished Resident Evil from other titles) was improved: strange camera angles, at times annoying perspective or mechanics, clumsy controls or combat. This has been replaced by an over-the-shoulder view that has helped increase the fluidity of combat and efficiency in disposing of enemies. Everything is clear and coherent by which you get the impression that you are together with Leon and fighting for your life, avoiding the crazy locals who jump out at us from all sides with pitchforks and torches.

The combat looks impressive, and those of you who have a problem with hoarding items in your inventory will be happy to know that the problem has been fixed. It also quickly becomes apparent that familiar locations have been revamped in such a way that we will still feel uneasy as we await potential enemies or simply as we head to our next destination. The opponents are faster and more unpredictable, but the good news is that Leon is trying to keep up with them and players won’t feel overwhelmed or powerless in the face of jumping monsters.

Older players certainly don’t need to be encouraged to explore, and new players will be drawn in by the game itself. Looking at it is a real pleasure…. If we gather the courage to play it.

You don’t want to miss it.

Whether you’re a new player or a fan of the series, I encourage you to give it a try and see for yourself what the remake has to offer. The world is full of details, the game can surprise you and provide a lot of fun. I doubt you’ll be disappointed, but be prepared for an intense adventure, because while everything has been polished, the game is still stressful at times. It’s an unforgettable adventure for newcomers and a throwback to the past for those players who had the pleasure of playing the original.

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