Temple of Melitele: Congregation

Even though Sacred and Profane was with us for a very short period of time, some of the new cards already found their spots in old archetypes. We can see old Assimilate list with Torres, Harmony got Dana as their new tool, Warriors make good use of Tyr, Saint Gregory (Black) also lifted up the firesworn archetype by a lot. But there is one archetype that got support and even though is still bad. Yes, priestess, I am looking at you, and a card that was supposed to support shuffling archetype turned out to be really good consistency and cheating provisions tool for other decks. Good example is knights, where good old Aerondight laid at the bottom of the lake in Ellander. Temple not only provides good tempo thanks to drawing any unit with boost based on number of cards in hand but also can make additional threats for opponent to remove. It’s worth to mention that classic Knights list runs only one legendary unit: Vandergrift. This means that you get to see 3 out of 33 cards three times and those cards can repeat.

List on which I based my reasoning:

10.  Prophet Lebioda

Yes, this might be the first time you see him as a consideration in game. He fits really good into Knights deck with two Sorceresses as shield removers and lots of engines to protect. He is one of those cards that you see and you know it has to be removed or you won’t be able to remove anything else, this is what your opponent will think after you play him.

9. War Elephant

As Cersei once said “I really wanted those elephants”, this machine fits really well into Knights, very often it just removes shields from your units, even providing more value if shielded unit was infused from Knight Errant. Elephant is also a really good finisher if you have Vandergrift staying on board for round 3 with shield, raw 12 points of value.

8. Bloody Baron

Most knights lists already run spores as a way of tall punish, but how about spores with 6 points body just to sneak in and seal the deal? Also against decks such as Harmony or in the mirrors you will be really happy to pick this wife punching bastard and use his strong order ability.

7. Philippa: Blind Fury

Knights are known for being a solitaire deck, but even they sometimes want to remove opponents threats. Philippa Eilhart even though she is powercrept as hell these days, might work miracles against decks such as Harmony.

6. Gerhart of Aelle

13 points power play with buff on your weak knight to proc his Grace, doesn’t it sound lovely? Well, here he is, very good as a supporting tool round 2 or just a good finisher for round 3.

5. Shani

The young medic is really good for round 2 support, she helps with defending the bleed or makes your bleed much more efficient. When played early she sets up two “must be removed cards” on the board, either when she resurrects Squire, Knight Errant, Damned Sorceress or Redanian Knight and if your opponent won’t respond to her she will be threatening to resurrect another engine card.

4. Reynard Odo

How about a knight that hardly fits to any Knights deck? Here he is, he might not be the best finisher for round 3 but thanks to his passive ability and his Grace he fits really good for the round with Scenario in play.

3. Queen Adalia

What can I say? How about a card that makes your engine immune for the first damage it takes and also giving 3 points body? She works really good with the scenario thanks to the body and creating another grace knight. She is also decent in round 3, where she can give you another grace and help with maximizing value from your leader ability.

2. Donimir of Troy

I heard that defender status is really good and healthy in the game, so why not take one or two of those and fit into the deck? You don’t have to be afraid of Korathi Heatwave, your engines will stick to the board, he can be played after the opponent used one of his poisons to hide the already poisoned unit, he is also a knight, which means he can proc scenario if needed. He works well with Damned Sorceress. Donimir of Troy is kinda a swiss army knife, and you should definitely try him if you get a choice from Temple.

1. Prince Anseis

First and the very best unit you can get from Temple of Melitele is the son of Queen Meve. He is a knight, drawing him from Temple gives in most cases 12-14 body duel card with Zeal, isn’t it nuts? A 14 point body duel with zeal… He is everything, good tempo, huge power play and also control. For me he is the “autopick card”, there is no matchup for Anseis to be a bad card, you can try it the first time you get it.

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