Gwent Lasses and Bros tier list

A collection of the best boys and gals from the world of Gwent.

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Tier S+

Ciri, Francesca, and Meve were sure bet, all hot, powerful, with interesting abilities, what not to love about them? Fucusya might be the most surprising one here.

The only man in this tier is Geralt, leaving opponents behind. Everyone loves Geralt. 10/10 monster slayer.

Tier S

Shani over Yen #controversial. It looks like that nowadays a good medic is priceless. Yennefer and Anna Henrietta are powerful women, you know the type.

The first Monster card in our tier list is Miruna, dangerous and beautiful. Who can say no to a woman with horns, am I right?

Strong vampires representation in this tier: Dettlaff & Orianna. Their ageless beauty/charm gives them a spot in this tier.

Handsome Cahir in this tier was no brainer, however Erland might be a shocker.

Shupe ’cause he simply rocks.

Tier A

Yes, yes, Triss tier A. Some team members had conflicting opinions, but this is the average rating.

David Beck… I mean Olgierd has some universal beauty qualities.

Maybe Roach would get a better spot if she was less buggy.

Tier B

Dwarfs in tier B is some bull#@$%.

Regis in tier B? I think someone thought that B is for “Before anyone else” that’s why some marked him so low.

Most likely Gascon is so low because his ability sucks soooooo hard.

Daddy Emhyr is also in this tier, kings and queens have it easier, even in tier lists.

Tier C

Vilgefortz had his handsome years behind him, now he’s burnt out. 15 years in the sewers took its toll on Ewald.

Sir Skewertooth holds his position as the number one boar of Gwent.

Tier D

Strong Thronebreaker representation: Rayla, Eldain, and Lippy. Some use of good Instagram filter and they can work it out.

Tier E

Or just tier Monster. Some beauty is hidden too deep. These ancient beings were beautiful once, but time wasn’t kind to them.

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