Gwent Jokes

Check this list of the best Gwent jokes ever!

Warning: may contain dad jokes.

How do left handed people play Gwent?

Not in the right way!

Why does Foltest play so poorly in mirror matches?

He can’t handle the uprising!

What doctor specialises in Gwent?

The cardiologist.

Playing Mill won’t kill you.

But then again, why take the chance?

Did you heard about the giant Viy that threw up?

It’s all over the town!

Do you know what happened to Werecat?

He is now Iscat!

Why was the Werecat disqualified from the race?

Because it was a cheetah!

How do you make a 7 provision card even?

You take away the s.

Why did a new Gwent player start kicking his Monster deck?

He had just bought a kick-starter pack.

Have you ever tried to find a good fog deck?

I tried yesterday but I mist.

Why does Jaskier: Vainglory kill only small beasts?

Because those are easier than the lion.

People are making Ragh Nar Roog jokes

like there is no tomorrow!

Why is Gwent similar to sex?

Because in both all you really need is a good hand.

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