25 Days of Gwent Christmas – Day #1

25 Days of Gwent Christmas – Day #1

💯 We reached a limit of 100 entries. Thank you for such a huge response 😀 Check this place tomorrow for more Gwent content!

We have a Gwent ornament bundle for you! Just leave your GOG nick in the comment section of Twitter or on our Discord in #ornament-gwentmas channel and we will gift you a Gwent ornament bundle.

Deadline for entries December 2, 12:00 CET, or when we hit the limit 100 whichever happens first.

Limit: first 100 entries

You can check the progress of gathering entries here.

Check this place tomorrow for more Gwent content!


  1. Ornament bundle means an item from the in-game shop in December after the patch (that will drop around the 6th of December), that will be available to be gifted via meteorite powder. It will be a chosen Vanity pack that costs up to 500 meteorite powder.
  2. To get a Vanity pack you will have to add the assigned moderator as a GOG friend. He will send you a friend invite around the 10th of December.
  3. Your GOG settings need to be set to be able to accept friend invites.
  4. If you have already unlocked that Ornament Bundle, gift will be void.
  5. The event will be limited to the first 100 entries. You can enter by sending your GOG nick on Twitter or Discord.
  6. The deadline for entries is December 2nd, 12:00 CET.
  7. We reserve the right to change the ruleset at any time.
  8. By entering the event, you accept the current version of the regulations.

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