Gwent Feet Tier List

The article was April Fools’ Day joke!

With the new mini-expansion coming out in just a few days, we thought it would be the perfect time to dive into the more interesting things in life: feet. You can even join in the fun with this tier list:

We even went out of our way to include a completely non-competitive deck in which every unit or spell prominently features feet:

Perhaps to no-one’s surprise, the Dryads come out predominantly with their high quality feet, taking many of the top two tier slots. Though a few of them featured the feet of children, which were for legal reasons removed from consideration.

Dana is the only leader featuring feet, a fact that likely no one even noticed with how little Harmony is played. Oriole is the only non-Scoai’Tael with Perfection Tier feet, though one could argue that many of the inhumans don’t belong to Scoai’Tael to begin with.

The High Quality Tier is again filled with Scoai-Tael (I swear I’m not biased towards green people). Philippa is the only Syndicate on this list (not including the dual-faction cards), and Svalblood Cultist is the only Skellige card.

The Average Tier is mostly monsters. The Vampire’s and Ogroids all have fairly average looking feet. Nothing too love, but they aren’t all that bad. Shupe falls into this category, and the legendary feet-casting brings the Ban Ard bois the attention they deserve as one of only two Northern Realms Cards.

The Ugly Feet Category may come as a surprise, as succubus are far from ugly, but when considering only their feet, hooves leave far too much to be desired. Rico’s feet are ridiculously hairy, and Self Eater has quite literally put his foot in his mouth.

It’s debatable whether or not the Botchling counts as a child, but for legal unambiguity, we are not rating anything that looks like it could be a child.

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