Gwent: Why do we play?

Among my friends living outside the world of Gwent, I have a reputation as either a loyal fan or a person who is deeply rooted in the game before the fact that I have about 2000 hours in it.

However, on the other hand, this number does not impress the rest of my friends – those living with me in harmony with this universe and the game itself.

So what keeps us so many hours, days, months, and often many years with one title?

Today we’re going to tell you… how it is with this Gwent…

Let’s start with the basics, as a game programmer, I can define this type of entertainment purely technically as a collection of elements of logic in the code, assets, and soundtrack.

Gwent stands out not only among competitive card games but also in the entire virtual entertainment market.

“No mana and hp mechanics + art style”


“Three Rounds, Economy, Arts”


“Very good core gameplay mechanics (mostly the 3 round system) and highest skill ceiling in TCGs”


“Probably the uniqueness of the game (no mana, hp), and the beautiful arts. Also, I love the witcher universe, and tcgs, so it’s ideal for me.”


Many of us go a step further. The mechanics of the game translate into the pleasure of the game itself, a ranking system that motivates you to keep playing or just … we feel good in this game.

“it is a pretty obvious answer but i would say its art, its community, and the fact that it’s easy to see your progress with the system of ranking that makes us an addict of constant improvement”


“Keeps me the time I spent in the game”


We spend hundreds of hours in this game not only because of the pleasant or interesting mechanics. We made a lot of friends in the game and we play the game to a large extent so that we can spend time with them and have conversations based on our favorite card game.

“First of all, the Polish community, where I met many friends. And the second reason is the vain dream of appearing in an official tournament”


“community, both your corner of Gwent enthusiasts and a wider group that organizes tournaments, thanks to which something happens, it motivates you to keep playing and achieve the best results”


“Engaged community”


The element of the game that was very often mentioned in the comments and which should be mentioned is the visual setting of the game. Gwent is a beautiful game, and the fact that it is set in the universe of the witcher, which prompted many of us to get acquainted with the title, enhances the pleasant experience.

“Embedding the game in the universe of the witcher”


It’s not at all clear why I like this game. It seems to me that mainly because of the atmosphere of the Witcher universe itself and the unique mechanics of the game itself


That’s how it is with us, Gwent players, we are nice, friendly people, who appreciate the efforts of the creators and visual art … yes, that’s how you can describe us.

Many thanks to everyone who helped me prepare this article.

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