TOP SECRET (!!!) Golden Nekker leeks

The article was April Fools’ Day joke!

We have acquired some top-secret documents from CDPR with the plans for their upcoming project called Golden Nekker. Our article presents some leaked promo materials and we’ve got some unofficial commentary. Our mole gave his life to deliver the documents, but it’s a risk that he took being our spy in CDPR.

Adding 3rd row

It will be an autochess gamemode, because all popular TCGs are going in that direction. It will have some minor changes to our everyday Gwent. Some of those groundbreaking innovations will include a 3rd row called Siege row.

Mana system

The game will use a mana system, because only playing 1 card per turn was too boring, and we took inspiration from other successful TCGs. Mana has to be cool, right?

“But aren’t Syndicate coins already kind of a mana system?”

“Yes, but don’t tell it to anyone!”

Silver and gold cards

We plan on introducing Silver cards, which will feature disloyal units, and their ability will be drawing 1, 2 or 3 cards on deploy. This will balance the game, because there were far too few easy ‘Card Advantage’ cards in the past, and drawing cards is fun.

The other Silver cards will be cards that now have an artificial limit of ability targets to 9 provision cards or lower, so cards that mention them will be easier to word, like Amphibious Assault, Hanmarvyn’s Blue Dream, and Renew. Now we will make it official and easy to understand for players by adding a silver border to the cards.

The gold cards will gain immunity, which means they can’t be targeted, destroyed or banished. And you don’t need to craft them, they will be all accessible by finishing quests: “Trigger Rupture 100 times“, “Click on a snowman on the board 1 000 times“, “Win games with the Harmony leader 10 000 times“, of course not all of them will be that easy, some of them will be a little harder: “Play draft 5 times“.

Lore accurate

Some cards will have an updated ability, like Kambi, who will wipe out the whole board on deploy. Even golds, because a rooster deity should beat any puny pirate, dryad, soldier, aristocrat, or fisstech addict. We’ve decided that the face of the project will be the art of Kerack City Guard, everyone’s favorite gatekeeper.

Listening to our lore-keepers, we updated some leader voicelines, now Geralt’s 6 line will be much closer to his based personality, his lines will include: „Fuck!”, „Fuck!”, „Fuck!”, „Fuck!”, „Hmmm…”, and „Wind’s howling…” Our lore keepers also are checking closely so we don’t run too far away from our Lord of the Rings Universe, what is our core when creating graphics for new cards.

Quality of life:

  • Roach will now correctly gets stuck in certain points of the field. Her new voiceline on deploy will be: “Help me step-Geralt, I’m stuck!”
  • Playing Wild Hunt units now correctly freezes the game, resulting in a draw.
  • Unflipped traps will stay on the board, if you haven’t found them yet, you’ll have some surprise later.
  • If you destroy one of your opponent’s unit, they will lose that card from their collection. This means that if you yoink a card with Philippa: Blind Fury, Vigo’s Muzzle, or Enslave, you get to keep that card from your opponent’s collection from that point, for the future.


After the success of Thronebreaker, it was obvious to make Project Golden Nekker a stand-alone game, we don’t want any cross-promotion between games, or sharing player base. There won’t even be Gwent in the name of the new game so players don’t end up confused. But like we did for Thronebreaker, we will keep a link in the shop that will allow opening the other game (and vice-versa), we think that it would be just enough to make players of Project Golden Nekker to install our other game (Gwent) and launch it.

“We are also not planning a promotion campaign for the game, so note the date of the launch so you won’t miss it: 2022 Q4.”

“We can also announce that the new game will also have expansion system, and our first expansion will be titled Midwinter update.”

“And yes, we can confirm that bad days are (Da)gone.”

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