Top nicknames in Gwent

How pleased I am to welcome you once again this year. Today you are the heroes of this article. Your creativity, passion for pop culture and art have been noticed and appreciated. It is my great pleasure to present you the ranking of the top 15 nicks in Gwent. Why are these names on the list? I’ll tell you right now…


PROJECT.V was ranked 15th. Does it sound like a beta of a new mobile that the developers will kill after 2 years? Yes. Does it sound like a line of perfumes or stones to purify your soul? Yes. I choose you dear… project, for one more – the most important reason. You sound like something that could be a virus in the next 4 Resident Evil games and I love the series. 

14. slaughterdonky

I’m a little afraid of slaughterdonky. On the one hand, violence is bad, especially towards animals, but on the other hand, how can you not like a person who has such a cute creature in their nickname?

Maybe he just creates meat products or is a veterinarian … since the last ministry?

13. Son_Of_Elder_Blood

I’m a huge Bloodborn fan, possibly the biggest. I don’t know if the creator of the nickname created it for the plague in Yharnam or Sapkowski’s creation, but thanks to this universality and meaning remaining in the guessing phase, Son_Of_Elder_Blood deserved the 13th place.

Or is it a Wolfenstein fan? It’s probably the least likely, but not impossible.

12. cantarellka

Dedicating yourself to one game enough to dedicate your own nickname to a character is a real challenge for some of us. However, this player was so determined that she not only choose one character from the game, not only from the generally criticized faction, but also chose a character often associated with a toxic style of play … and very nice art.

Cantarellka – you have good eyesight. 

11. YourWifesBoyfriend

Every competitive gaming community is toxic and unkind at times. Everyone has a bad day sometimes. The Gwent community is one step ahead, we have our idol – YourWifesBoyfriend.


Harming animals is wrong – we’ve already established that, but at the other extreme are people who love our four-legged friends. Thanks to good hearts for of animals as well as a minimalistic yet distinctive design, our beloved PIGZONE closes the top 10.

9. Renegat_dandelion

One of the most characteristic characters in the Witcher universe is the faithful friend and adventurer of the main character – Dandelion. He is also a character who received a universally warm reception after the premiere of the Netflix series.
Renegat_dandelion – thanks to your nickname, you will also be well remembered.

8. OldGodCthulhu

We can argue about actors, directors, and musicians, but the king of horror literature is undisputedly H. P. Lovecraft (sorry Dan Simmons, you are of course next to him). So, following the thoughts of the unfortunate heroes of his stories, who are we to criticize OldGodCthulhu.

7. Terry_Pratchett

Horror literature is not everything, I know that there are fans of fantasy among you reading this. So let’s honor one of the greatest writers of this genre and be happy that after more than 7 years since his death, Terry_Pratchett is still playing Gwent with us.

6. VicarAmellia

We already know that animals must be loved, Lovecraft’s work is second to none, and humanity will not achieve more than Bloodborne. Our readers and players know it too.

VicarAmellia is an art and pop culture person. We are proud to rank her 6th.

5. Little_Devils

I once watched Little Monsters. movie. Not only is the title ingenious but also someone went to their heads and used Taylor Swift’s work. Little_Devils sounds even cooler. User – you did a good job.

4. press_F_to_GWENT

press_F_to_GWENT – such a simple and thoughtful nickname. Nothing more nothing less. You used to press X for… Jason, today F for Gwent (wink wink).

And now to the top 3.

3. InNomineSatanas

Few have been able to match the awesomeness of InNomineSatanas. The guy just enforces respect in a second.




And in the first place Bald … not without exaggeration. We had many creative candidates but TailWithNoCat was the one that captivated me the most. I like the tragedy and surrealism hidden in the genesis of this nickname.

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