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All leader abilities sorted into tiers from best to worst.

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Tier S

Best leaders in Gwent today

In our top tier, the crème de la crème, are those leaders so powerful that they just churn points. Fear these leaders, play these leaders. Double Cross tops them all as it will boost engines while playing a usually incredible card from your opponent’s hand. Battle Trance has found good use with Mushy Truffle and other Alchemy synergies. Inspired Zeal and Reckless Flurry provide great immediate point slam/removal options, while Nature’s Gift has so much support that it usually plays for 15+ points.

Tier A

Falling not too far behind are many common leaders you find on ladder today. These still usually provide plenty of point slam, though are generally a bit more complex to work with. Tactical Decision, Enslave, White Frost and Precision Strike require deck restrictions to maximize value. Imprisonment, though generally finding good value, plays for low tempo and can be weak vs. point slam decks. Jackpot might be the best of this group but only adds 13 provisions to your deck.

Tier B

Highest Potential Leaders

These are still pretty good leaders and are seen often on ladder. There really isn’t much that separates them from A Tier. They’re steady and reliable, and for the most part very flexible – looking at you, Pirate’s Cove. Blaze of Glory is just a really strong leader though it does require Eist and Jutta to maximize point potential. Rage of the Sea and Arachas Swarm have some really nice thematic synergies, even though they play for lower point slam than the others.

Tier C

This large bundle of leaders is fairly meh. They’re the types of leader abilities you only use because you want to build a certain thematic deck, but usually find a fairly playable deck along the way. We see classics like Deadeye Ambush for elven decks, Uprising for Witchers, Hidden Cache for Passiflora, and Overwhelming Hunger for deathwish. Pincer Maneuver finds its way here due to its valuable deck manipulation.

Tier D

Some of these leaders need reworks or significant buffs to see competitive play. Every now and again you find them on ladder, though typically an element of surprise is necessary to find consistent wins. Fallen stars such as Shieldwall, Congregate, Lined Pockets (goodbye Tunnel Drill), and Patricidal Fury found their way down here due to nerfs and power creep. Lippy’s favorite, Ursine Ritual, can be found down here too.

Tier F

You aren’t seriously considering playing these are you? These leaders are weak and sad. Great fun for a meme deck (Call of Harmony, Blood Scent), but not worthy of competitive play.

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