Witchers tier list

A collection of the best witchers from the Way of the Witcher expansion.

If you’d like to create your own tier list with these characters, click here (golden cards), or here (bronze cards).

Bronze Witchers

Bronze Witchers

Cat Witcher – A good card In Movement Scoia’tael, 1 point per turn, which later becomes 2 per turn.

Bear Witcher – 8 points for 5 + synergy with Quen. This card is a staple in most Control SK lists.

Viper Witcher Adept – A good card in most NG lists that thin a reasonable amount (which is most of them).

Viper Witcher Mentor – Mentor often plays for 10-13 points. Athough it’s sometimes clunky because of his adrenaline requirement.

Griffin Witcher Adept- One of the most important cards in the old-school NR Witchers deck.

Cat Witcher Mentor – Another okay-ish option in Movement. But the adrenaline condition makes this card slower.

Bear Witcher Adept – A strong card for only 4p. Most often played with Portal. It can absorb some damage, which is very valuable in SK mirror.

Bear Witcher Mentor – In certain decks which use a lot of damaging cards, it can play for 10-15 points.

Bear Witcher Quartermaster- The card plays well in decks where you need to damage your units, like Lippy, or self-wound.

Viper Witcher – One of the core bronze cards in a Kolgrim deck, filling your opponent’s deck with trash.

Griffin Witcher – One of the main bronze cards in the Witchers deck. It synergizes very well with Crystal Skull.

Griffin Witcher Mentor – The card helps to get rid of bricks. This card is usually played in the Witchers deck.

Cat Witcher Adept – It can get you 7-10 points for 4. This card plays well in Nature’s Gift to get some extra Vitality for your dryads.

Griffin Witcher Ranger  – It can be a strong play, but not consistent enough. The opponent may have few units.

Cat Witcher Saboteur – The сard is too unstable. Weak card.

Viper Witcher Alchemist – It’s hard to imagine where could it see play. The card died after its nerf.

Gold Witchers and Locations

Gold Witchers and Locations

Haern Caduch – A very universal card. Usually plays for 10-12 points. This card is often played in the Reckless Flurry control deck.

Gezras of Leyda – This card can bring 6-8 points each turn. Often played in the Nature’s Gift deck.

Arnaghad – It’s often called a meme card, but in a meta with decks without tall-removal, it can shine. If you manage to make a lot of damaged units, Arnachad can be an absolute unit.

Geralt: Quen – A very strong tempo card. It will help you find the right cards and if you tutor a Bear Witcher, it will play for 13 points. It’s also a great Trial of the Grasses target.

Ivar Evil-Eye – If there are a lot of decks that go tall on the ladder, then Ivar can be a strong consideration.

Keldar – He was used in the NR Witchers deck, an awesome engines that gives you 2 points per turn, and combining him with an Adept, it’s even better. Providing extra witchers for Leo.

Erland of Larvik – This card could be used as a great tempo-swing, or just as extra carryover for later rounds. It also synergizes with the leader ability of Uprising.

Gaetan – If you have a lot of units in a row, paired with Sentries, Gaetan transforms into a machine gun of boosts.

Gerd – If there are a lot of swarm decks on the ladder, you need this card.

Junod of Belhaven – It is rare for this card to play less than 10 points. A good removal in the Reckless Flurry control deck

Leo – If you can spam a lot of witchers, this card can play for a huge amount of points.

Kaer Seren – A universal card, you can choose the best option for each situation, but the competition is strong and it does not always gets played in the witchers deck.

Kolgrim – It used to be very strong before its nerf. Much weaker now, but still not half bad.

Brehen – The only tall removal that ST has, but the condition makes it hard to proc. Still, the surprise value can be decent on ladder.

Stygga Castle -In movement decks it is good to move some units, and the extra Witcher unit is nice.

Gortur Gvaed – A good card in clog decks, and also a good combination with Cantarella (+Joachim).

Berengar – Yes, 9 points for 6 is cool, but there is a condition which can only be consistently completed in full-witcher decks.

Warrit The All-Seeing – 7 points for 8 is not great. The effect of the card can be awesome, if you can yoink your opponent’s wincon (assuming he can’t tutor it out quickly).

Coën – This card can be match-deciding, but it’s very hard and cumbersome to pull it off.

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