TWiG #7 | Summary

This Week in Gwent #7

Link to the whole stream:

Below is only the most important stuff.

Important notes:

  • There will be changes made to Northern Realms which will be talked about on Sunday
  • There will be no Thronebreaker sequel coming out anytime soon
  • CDPR is not working on a method to record games
  • The Bridge on the Yaruga board will return in the future
  • CDPR is not planning to include cards from other universes (like dinosaurs)
  • Each expansion had its own theme music. Studio is interested in adding an option of what music you want played in the background.
  • No new languages are planned to be added for now
  • No faction specific journeys are planned
  • They are working on changing deck sharing/deck importing

Reminded about:

Gwent Open taking place this weekend:

You can post your questions for Paweł Burza in the forum, selected one will be answered in next TWiG:

They are gathering ideas for content that players would like to see in future:

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