Gwent 8.5 Developer Update

This is the summary of the Dev Stream about the 8.5 update.

There will be new starter decks. They will introduce more faction identities and mechanics.

Lots of Stratagems are reworked so people will have the option to choose from various strong Stratagems.

Few old cards are now Locations with some extra flexible abilities.

Improvements to leader abilities are coming, but devs don’t want to change them fundamentally. More charges – more flexibility.

They are trying to make leader abilities more flexible, so some of them will get more charges.

We don’t know the expansion date yet, but it will happen at the start of June. We will get 26 new cards starting there, and in every other months.

The expansion will be called “Price of Power” and it will consist of three card drops, one in each two months. All card drops will have some thematics which connects to the main expansion, and they will have their own reveal campain and trailer.

Scoia’tael will stay the same as it is now.

Weather is back, some Monsters units are reworked with Fog synergy (so there is a chance that Dagon, our lord and saviour comes back)

They have lots of plans for Northern Realms for the future. Charges is fine as a mechanic, but they are not happy with how it works now. No changes for Stockpile in the near future.

The triptych cards are making a reappearance, starting with “Poor Fucking Infantry”

The new Journey reveal will happen on May 3rd, they new Journey hero will have a “Beautiful face” (Triss is very favored here, but Dandelion could also make an appearance, as it’s been male-female-male-female order from the start).

What do you think?

Share your predictions in the comment section.

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