Alternative casting in Witcher series

One of the main problems of the Witcher series is its cast. It caused a lot of discussion among fans of games and books about the series. So I wanted to think about what the perfect casting for the Witcher series could be. I will choose actors only for the main characters of the series. Of course, this article is very subjective and you may have your own opinion about them.

Geralt – Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Many fans of the witcher liked Henry Cavill in the image of Geralt. But we know that Liam Hemsworth will play Geralt starting from season 4. And I don’t like this choice. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is an experienced actor, many remember him for his role in Game of Thrones. I think he bears an external resemblance to Geralt. Fans even made some pictures of Nikolaj in the image of Geralt

Ciri – Frances Pooley

She’s not a popular actress yet, but recently there were news that she will participate in the season 3 of the Witcher and will play False Ciri. But I think this actress would be great to play the real Ciri as well.

Yennefer of Vengerberg – Eva Green

Many fans would like to see this actress in the role of Yennefer. And I agree with this, Eva is very similar looking to Yennefer.

Triss – Zoey Deutch

Not a very popular actress, but I was surprised when I saw her. She looks a lot like Triss. I think of all the alternative casting, this actress is best suited for her role.

Dandelion – Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is a very charismatic actor, I think he can play such a funny character.  Outwardly, he looks a like a Dandelion.

Istredd – Jude Law

Jude Law with a beard looks very much like Istredd. In addition, he is an experienced actor.

Cahir – Richard Armitage

Richard Armitage gained worldwide fame after playing Thorin in the Hobbit trilogy.  I think he would have played Cahir well, but the external resemblance to him is very conditional.

Fringilla Vigo – Jaimie Alexander

The selection of an actress for the role of Fringilla Vigo in the Witcher series caused an explosion of indignation among fans. Jaimie Alexander is not the most popular actress, but she is very similar to Fringilla Vigo

Vilgefortz – Mads Mikkelsen

Vilgefortz’s casting in the Witcher series also caused discontent among fans. Mads Mikkelsen doesn’t look much like Vilgefortz, but he’s a great actor who has had experience playing villains in such films as Fantastic Beasts, Doctor Strange, and in a upcoming movie, Indiana Jones 5. I think he would have done a great job in the role of Vilgefortz.

Francesca Findabair – Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett has already had the experience of playing a wise and beautiful elf in the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. That’s why I think she would be great to get into the image of Francesca.

Vesemir – Mark Hamill

Many fans wanted to see Mark Hamill in the role of Vesemir, on the Internet there are even fan images of Mark in the image of Vesemir. Besides, he is an experienced actor and I think he would play the old witcher well.

Eskel – Shane West

Lambert – Scott Eastwood

Shane West, if this guy had a couple of scars, he would have turned out to be a good Eskel.

I spent the most of the time on the selection of an actor for the role of Lambert. Therefore, I am not completely sure of my choice. Without a beard and mustache, Scott Eastwood does not look very much like Lambert, but with them he looks quite like a witcher.

Sigismund Dijkstra – Mark Strong

At first I wanted to take on another actor for the role of Sigismund Dijkstra, but then I saw Mark Strong and realized that this is exactly what I need. Yes, he does not have such a massive neck, chin and nose like Sigi, but in general he has an external resemblance to him.

Philippa Eilhart – Victoria Justice

I did not like the selection of an actress for the role of Philippa in season 2 of the Witcher. Victoria Justice is not a popular actress, but she really looks a lot like Philippa.

Emhyr Var Emreis – Hugo Weaving

I can’t say that Hugo Weaving is very similar to Emhyr, but they definitely have something in common. Hugo is a very experienced actor who has already played villains. Of course we all think of Agent Smith. That’s why I think Hugo would have played Emhyr perfectly.

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