Interesting facts about Gwent

Little-known interesting facts about Gwent

Secret names of characters

There are some bronze witcher cards that have names (even thoough they have none in the Gwent deckbuilder).

Their artwork has been used in the Witcher: Old World board game and also named in the same game.

  • Godryk is the Griffin Witcher Ranger
  • Kylar is the Cat Witcher
  • Ryfar is the Bear Witcher
  • Jasper is the Viper Witcher

Easter eggs in cards illustrations:

  • An Craite Raider in the background of Harald An Craite second form card
  • Dulla kh’Amanni has Runewright in his background (with same pose in his card)
  • Runewright has Dulla and Geralt in his background (with the same pose in Dullas card)
  • Townsfolk in the background of the Ofiri Merchant card
  • Auberon second form is in front of Ard Gaeth
  • Commander Shepard from Mass Effect in Raffard’s Vengeance card
  • Kerack Marine is in the front of the Kerack Frigate ship
  • Geralt is present in Siegfried of Denesle card
  • Count Caldwell’s dog starts peeing on him KEKW
  • The three non-crossed bounties in Maxii’s background are Idarran, Cosimo Malaspina and Alzur
  • Morkvarg is in the background of Skjall card
  • Magne Division card is based on the Kingdom of Heaven film

Easter eggs in premium cards animations:

  • Yellow duck is swimming in the bath on Mage Assassin.
  • Newspaper hits Birna Bran
  • Priscilla jamming to disco light
  • Background glitch in Traveling Merchants
  • Sacred Flame, the fire changes to a dragon

  • Winch has a Witcher school logo dust particle (bottom left corner)
  • Penguin in the background of the Dimun Pirate Captain
  • Johnny has Ciri teleporting in the background
  • There is a Nekker in the bag of Whispess in her tribute card
  • Naked Triss cosplay in Freakshows

  • Giant soldier walking by with other soldiers in reinforcements
  • Naglfar in the background of Winter Queen
  • Beggar has well known Witcher characters in the background, also in the Beggar the shadow of passerbys are of a soldiers, Gascon, Caldwell, and Geralt
  • A very rare easter egg, you can hear a helicopter in Cintrian Knight

Gaunter o’Dimm easter eggs :

  • Gaunter is present in the background of Kerack Marine card
  • Gaunter is present in the background of Angry Mobs
  • Gaunter is present in the background of Smuggle card
  • Gaunter is present (his legs) in Jacques first form card
  • Gaunter is present in Usuper first form card
  • Gaunter is present in the background of Dies Irae

Game of Thrones references:


  • Tuirseach Invader holds the severed head of Drummond Villager in her hand

This is evidenced by illustrations and descriptions:

You can invite friends to Gwent and every time they finish additional quests you and them gain extra resources:

You can also get a Witcher 1 Extended Edition and a free Card Keg just for subscribing to GOG Newsletter.

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