Qualifier Top 16 | Season of the Wolf | Summary

Sunday from 2:00PM CET English cast by Ceely and Speciman, on Speciman channel.

Sunday from 2:00PM CET Polish cast by Pawloex, on Pawloex channel.

Sunday from 2:00PM CET French cast by ShupeTV, on ShupeTV channel.

Sunday from 2:00PM CET Russian cast by Necrotal, on Necrotal channel.


kams134 [Poland] Off the books, Double Cross, Inspired Zeal, Ursine Ritual

magpie131 [Russian Federation] Jackpot, Inspired Zeal, Double Cross, Battle Trance

Truzky [Poland] Precision Strike, Inspired Zeal, Onslaught, Imprisonment

ForeverYOLO322 [Ukraine] Double Cross, Inspired Zeal, Onslaught, Jackpot

Wlastelin [Russian Federation] Off the books, Onslaught, Inspired Zeal, Double Cross

Bart933 [Poland] Double Cross, Jackpot, Inspired Zeal, Blaze of Glory

Poisound [Colombia] Onslaught, Off the books, Tactical Decision, Inspired Zeal

lerio2 [Poland] Jackpot, Imprisonment, Onslaught, Inspired Zeal

Ch.ase [Russian Federation] Inspired Zeal, Jackpot, Onslaught, Double Cross

Xiwer [Poland] Double Cross, Blaze of Glory, Stockpile, Jackpot

Sif_Great_Wolf [Ukraine] Inspired Zeal, Guerilla Tactics, Double Cross, Jackpot

Mistikal [Ukraine] Off the books, Inspired Zeal, Tactical Decision, Battle Trance

Lekssmiling [Russian Federation] Onslaught, Double Cross, Inspired Zeal, Jackpot

Nequiz [Russian Federation] Onslaught, Double Cross, Inspired Zeal, Jackpot



Leader abilities

Inspired Zeal: 13
Double Cross: 10
Jackpot: 9
Onslaught: 8
Off the books: 4
Battle Trance: 2
Imprisonment: 2
Blaze of Glory: 2
Tactical Decision: 2
Ursine Ritual: 1
Precision Strike: 1
Stockpile: 1
Guerilla Tactics: 1


Poland: 5
Russia: 5
Ukraine: 3
Colombia: 1


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