GWENT | Deadly Chills [MO Weather deck guide]

A chill runs down your spine...

Lay waste to your opponent’s board with this unholy union between the Deathwish and weather archetypes!

Mulligans: double Archespores and the Winter Queen should always be mulliganed. If you have Haunt, make sure you have two deathwish units to trigger it fully.

Don’t be afraid to use your frost early on but use it efficiently by only targeting rows that have units or that you can move units to. You have enough weather effects to affect your opponent for the entire match.

Ancient foglets are extremely powerful engines since the last patch and synergise well with your weather effects. If you can, you should always target both rows as long as there are units there.

Deathwish with the stratagem gives you full control over round 1 if you’re on blue coin. Don’t be afraid to even burn Haunt in round 1 if it can get you that early win since you always want to aim for longer rounds to let the weather effects play out.

Your other big combo is Auberon in combination with your other Wild Hunt units, especially Eredin.

Other than that you should always count your opponent’s remaining turns so you can decide to spread your weather over both rows or target one row for longer. Remember that weather hits on the start of your opponent’s turns so if you have the last card, weather will not trigger a final time!

Deck list available at PlayGwent:

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