Interview: GameKing

Come and read our interview with one of first Gwent pro players who is making now big comeback – GameKing!

Do you play other games besides Gwent?

Yes, I play other games as well. For fun I play League of Legends, World of Tanks and others. Competitively I play other card games.

Do you prefer ladder or tournament settings?

I like both ladder and tournament setting. I think I would prefer tournament setting though. The reason being that it’s less of a grind to play it. You don’t need to play hundreds or even thousands of games per month.

How much time does a returning player need to re-learn new Gwent?

If you are completely new to homecoming you will need about 2 weeks. If you already played it before then a few days of intensive play will be enough.

What is your favourite tech card?

My favourite tech card is Maxii van Dekkar. I think it should almost be strong in any deck that doesn’t require devotion.

What is your favourite meme card?

My favourite meme card is Letho: Kingslayer. It’s fun to copy stuff. You can also copy your opponents cards.

Does Gwent have too much or too few tutor cards?

I think Gwent had to few tutor cards a year ago. Now it has become a good amount.

Do you think this current meta is the most diverse in the history of Gwent?

The current meta is very diverse. There are like 10+ decks that are playable at pro rank.

How do you feel about adding cards with provisions less than 4 into the game? What do you think about this concept? Would that much polarization be better or worse for Gwent?

I think that would be a bad idea. Every deck would be forced to play those and hope to not draw them. We had 0 provision cards in early homecoming.

What’s your favourite change in Gwent compared to older versions?

No card advantage spies and the strategems to help out blue coin are my two favourite changes.

Do you think Artifacts separate themselves enough from other group of cards or are they just special cards with leaving a 0 point body to clog your board after using their order ability?

The locations make sence, as they have an order effect after you played them. The other artefacts that have a 1 time use only contribute to clogging your board which is very annoying as the row limit of 9 is already a problem in some games.

In the past, Gwent had a very strong coin abuse problem. Do you think it is mainly solved with stratagems and other changes?

I think that red coin is still stronger in most of the games. Some decks can make use of the stratagems one blue coin and benefit from that greatly. They want to have blue coin actually. All in all it is better than before but there is still room for improvement.

Is there too much or too little RNG in Gwent?

The amount of RNG in Gwent is at a good level. There is one faction that has way to much RNG. You guessed it right: Nilfgaard.

How do you prepare for the Masters?

I play a lot of ladder to get a grasp of what the average player thinks is the best. Then I try to find patterns and look for a good a good lineup while testing it off the ladder.

You had a break from competitive playing. Are you going to fight for Season 3 Open tournaments?

I will have to see how the Masters go and other stuff in my life. My answer is: maybe

Of course you will win the Masters, but who will take second place?

I think the player that has the highest likelihood of taking second place is Kolemoen.

What inspires you to keep playing, what drives you back in the game?

I like card game in general. It’s just a great concept and the outcome of the game depends sole on you, your deck and RNG. No other teammates.

Would you prefer the Masters online (as it is now) or offline (on a later date)?

It’s quite sad to not see all the other players offline. They have become good friends. I think it’s a good decision to play it online though, as no one knows how long the restrictions will be up.

Nowadays you have to play with 4 factions to compete on pro ladder, do you think forcing all 6 would make the meta more interesting?

I think that would be a bad idea, as it would be more of a grind and you would have to play Nilfgaard 😉

If Gwent  was a game 3v3, so 3 players would decide about moves together, who would you pick to your team of three?

I think I would pick Kolemoen and Tailbot. But there are very strong other players as well.

Is it too easy to reach pro ladder and staying in it? Would you change this system?

It might be a bit too easy nowadays to get to pro ladder. Maybe it should be made a little more difficult.

What do you think of the idea of holding Open Qualifiers for the whole Gwent community, not only the top64 players?

I think it’s a good thing to require top 64. As you have to proof that you are a decent player first. If everyone would be able to play a qualifier would take way to long. To p64 can be achieved with playing a decent amount of games If you are good at the game. It’s not that big of a grind.

If you could add 3 more abilities to Shupe, how would those look like?

Shupe is fun. But it should never be strong enough to see play in a competitive deck.

Pro players are not getting any new vanities and exclusives for them to unlock lately. What would you add only for the best players?

Maybe a pro player card back. That you get for playing in an open or other tournament.

What do you think about temporary changes to certain cards for 1 month just to spice things up. For example making Frost damage 3 instead of 2 during December.

Not in the normal game mode. Only for seasonal

Which mechanics or features would you like to see in Gwent from other card games?

I would like to see an observer mode and a enchanted practise mode.

Thank you for your time, good luck on Ladder!

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