Gwent Open Qualifiers Top 16 | Decklists

Top 16 season of the Elves


English cast SpecimenGwent and Jaggerous here

Polish cast Pawloex, Rykov here

Russian cast by Magccg here and by Necrotal here


First slot in Gwent Open #2 goes to Akela114 from @GwentdettaTeam

Second slot was earned by BigKukuRUzina35 from @TeamLegacyLGC

Third slot goes to Redrame from @TeamAretuza

Fourth slot was earned by Sif_Great_Wolf from

Finalists decklists – Day 2

Redrame [SK] Blaze of Glory, [SY] Pirate’s Cove, [ST] Deadeye Ambush, [MO] Carapace

Sif_Great_Wolf [ST] Deadeye Ambush, [SK] Reckless Flurry, [NG] Double Cross, [SY] Lined Pockets

_SvYaT_ [ST] Deadeye Ambush, [MO] Arachas Swarm, [SK] Reckless Flurry, [SY] Pirate’s Cove

kolemoen [SY] Pirate’s Cove, [MO] Arachas Swarm, [NG] Imprisonment, [ST] Deadeye Ambush

John丶Sally [SK] Blaze of Glory, [SY] Lined Pockets, [ST] Deadeye Ambush, [MO] Overwhelming Hunger

ArrowRygart [SY] Lined Pockets, [NR] Uprising, [SK] Blaze of Glory, [MO] Carapace

Finalists decklists – Day 1

Pajabol [SK] Ursine Ritual, [ST] Deadeye Ambush, [MO] Carapace, [SY] Pirate’s Cove

theshaggynuts [SK] Blaze of Glory, [ST] Deadeye Ambush, [MO] Carapace, [SY] Pirate’s Cove

Ch.ase [ST] Precision Strike, [SK] Reckless Flurry, [SY] Lined Pockets, [MO] Carapace

Bart933 [SK] Reckless Flurry, [SY] Pirate’s Cove, [NG] Imprisonment, [MO] Carapace

lNeverHooD [MO] Arachas Swarm, [ST] Nature’s Gift, [SK] Blaze of Glory, [NR] Uprising

Mya-Mon369EX [MO] Carapace, [NR] Pincer Maneuver, [ST] Precision Strike, [SY] Pirate’s Cove

lord-triss [ST] Deadeye Ambush, [SK] Blaze of Glory, [SY] Lined Pockets, [MO] Carapace

one_two12 [SY] Lined Pockets, [MO] Arachas Swarm, [SK] Reckless Flurry, [ST] Precision Strike

Ugadai_Kto [ST] Deadeye Ambush, [SK] Blaze of Glory, [NG] Imprisonment, [SY] Lined Pockets

xXxd4Rkk3V1nxXxD [SY] Pirate’s Cove, [ST] Deadeye Ambush, [SK] Blaze of Glory, [MO] Carapace

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