TWiG #12 | Summary

This Week in Gwent #12

Link to the whole stream:

Below is only the most important stuff.

Important notes:

  • The team wants to add more Gwent related items to the CDPR store.
  • Currently Dead Man’s Tongue shows the deck in order. This is a bug and CDPR are already trying to fix it.
  • The adrenaline visual effect is not showing the way it is supposed to and CDPR is trying to fix.
  • However, they are not planning to add an option of disabling the adrenaline visual effect.

Reminded about:

  • Kolemoen is the winner of Season 1 World Masters
  • Once Upon a Pyre expansion is now out.
  • Qualifiers will be taking next weekend and the weekend after.

You can post your questions for Paweł Burza in the forum, selected one will be answered in next TWiG:

They are gathering ideas for content that players would like to see in future:

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