TWiG #4 | Summary

This Week in Gwent #4

Link to whole stream:

Below only most important stuff.

Important notes:

  • Upcoming premium token:
  • Thronebreaker for Android is almost ready to be shipped.
  • They are thinking about updating Gwent Observer but it will take time.
  • The seasonal mode had problems because of Thirst Dame and Cahir therefore seasonal mode had to be changed to Double down.
  • Gwent Open #1 will happen on the last weekend of April.
  • No plans for new factions in Gwent.
  • Reveal campaign for upcoming patches will stay the same (creators will reveal cards).
  • There will be no chat in the game.
  • No Pavko Gale or Walter Veritas Journey coming to a game.

Reminded about:

The next update will be on 1st April.

Qualifier #2 will be casted on Twitch this Sunday from 18:00 CET:

Data from Season of Love is available on forum:

You can post your questions for Paweł Burza in the forum, selected one will be answered in next TWiG:

They are gathering ideas for content that players would like to see in future:

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