Qualifier Top 16 | February | Summary

Saturday player’s perspective:




Sunday from 2:00PM CET English cast by Ceely and Zubedoo on Ceely channel.

Sunday from 2:00PM CET French cast by ShupeTV, on ShupeTV channel.


magpie131 [Moldova (Republic of)] White Frost, Enslave, Onslaught, Royal Inspiration
PepeSmile [Poland] White Frost, Guerilla Tactics, Blood Money, Ursine Ritual
なぜ翻訳したのか [Ukraine] White Frost, Royal Inspiration, Onslaught, Blood Money
spellingbee [Canada] Overwhelming Hunger, Ursine Ritual, Royal Inspiration, Imperial Formation
Mya-Mon369EX [Japan] Lined Pockets, Guerilla Tactics, Mobilization, Imperial Formation
kams134 [Poland] Onslaught, White Frost, Tactical Decision, Royal Inspiration
kupcevic [Poland] White Frost, Guerilla Tactics, Pincer Maneuver, Tactical Decision
lerio2 [Poland] Force of Nature, Ursine Ritual, Guerilla Tactics, Mobilization
JaimeOneHand [Poland] Lined Pockets, Enslave, Royal Inspiration, Onslaught
JSN991 [United Kingdom] Pincer Maneuver, Onslaught, Off the Books, Double Cross
Holdyr [Ukraine] Ursine Ritual, White Frost, Imperial Formation, Royal Inspiration
TKD_Qnerr [Poland] Onslaught, Guerilla Tactics, Overwhelming Hunger, Blood Money
Violet.Kiramman [China] Onslaught, Off the Books, Royal Inspiration, Imperial Formation
Redrame [USA] Blood Money, Overwhelming Hunger, Pincer Maneuver, Guerilla Tactics
TLG_Pajabol [Poland] White Frost, Pincer Maneuver, Onslaught, Blood Money
Puzzle.Express [United Kingdom] Mobilization, Patricidal Fury, Tactical Decision, Overwhelming Hunger


Link to bracket here.


Leader abilities

Onslaught: 8
White Frost: 7
Royal Inspiration: 7
Guerilla Tactics: 6
Blood Money: 5
Ursine Ritual: 4
Overwhelming Hunger: 4
Imperial Formation: 4
Pincer Maneuver: 4
Mobilization: 3
Tactical Decision: 3
Enslave: 2
Lined Pockets: 2
Off the Books: 2
Force of Nature: 1
Double Cross: 1
Patricidal Fury: 1


Poland: 7
Ukraine: 2
United Kingdom: 2
Moldova: 1
Canada: 1
Japan: 1
China: 1
USA: 1

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