TWiG #16 | Summary

This Week in Gwent #16

Link to the whole stream:

Below is only the most important stuff.

Important notes:

  • More cards will be released next month. These will be revealed by the following content creators:
  1. KG
  2. Hippotompotomus
  3. Stellabrate
  4. AntonHudz
  5. MaxandMell
  6. SeanBigD
  7. Avades
  8. Ranger1219
  9. BobrDobr
  10. Bomblin
  11. GabbyDigs
  12. Sawyer1888
  13. PlainTalkJon
  14. Carrost
  15. CaptainKid
  16. Inari100
  17. Jarlaxle
  18. DevilDriven
  19. Miranda The Tempest
  20. Max Tremere
  21. vendetta_sc
  22. Michael Isaev

Reminded about:

  • There was a small update yesterday.
  • Tomorrow, Kolemoen and Pajabol will face off against each other.

You can post your questions for Paweł Burza in the forum, selected one will be answered in next TWiG:

They are gathering ideas for content that players would like to see in future:

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