TWiG #9 | Summary

This Week in Gwent #9

Link to the whole stream:

Below is only the most important stuff.

Important notes:

  • Dana Meadbh Valentine skin will return at some point.
  • CDPR is interested in adding music as part of cosmetic features.
  • CDPR is working on making all elements of the UI work with a controller
  • CDPR is working on making animations faster (but it’s a secret so don’t tell anyone)
  • News about Thronebreaker on Android are coming soon.

Reminded about:

Gwent Top 16 Qualifiers taking place this weekend:

Gwent Season 1 Masters will be taking place on June 5-6th:

Issues with journey progression and starter decks being too good were fixed.

You can post your questions for Paweł Burza in the forum, selected one will be answered in next TWiG:

They are gathering ideas for content that players would like to see in future:

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