In my restless dreams, I see that town… Silent Hill 2 Remake!

September 24, 2001, was the premiere of one of the most terrifying games of its time Silent Hill 2. The game’s eerie atmosphere, ghostly character stories, and lurking monsters made a huge impression on players when the game first came out. We are not surprised that it was decided that the game would get a remake. As a result, I decided to return to Silent Hill and see if I could still face the nightmares that awaited there. Spoiler-free.

Creepy letter from not-so-dead wife.

Most of us remember why the main character returns to Silent Hill. We received a letter from our deceased wife Mary claiming she is there and waiting for us in a “special” place. Without thinking for too long, we decided to return to Silent Hill to find her. It’s immediately clear that there is something wrong with the place, however, we won’t (or can’t) turn back.

Exploring Silent Hill.

The dense fog permeates through the deserted city, warping the otherwise serene quiet into an eerie silence. Despite the uncomfortable atmosphere, this is the least of the disturbing elements in Silent Hill. If the spooky atmosphere isn’t scary enough for us, the monsters lurking everywhere certainly will be. All this serves one purpose – we are supposed to feel isolated and insecure. Even if other residents show up from time to time, their presence does not promise anything good.

In addition, at the very beginning of the game, our only form of defense is a plank of wood. This does not encourage us to walk around the town, but as I mentioned earlier we have no choice but to push forward.

Returning to spooky town involved recalling that old feeling of melancholy and its accompanying frustrations: annoying npcs (I’m talking about you Laura), poor camera work (sometimes it drove me crazy), and clumsy combat mechanics (although it’s possible that it’s me who has a problem with aiming).

Of course, fighting monsters is not the main goal of the game. It’s about facing the trauma Silent Hill brings us and uncovering its secrets while making sure we don’t go mad ourselves.

What we can expect from the remake?

The Bloober Team (a Polish studio known for games like Layers of Fear, Blair Witch, and The Medium) is responsible for the remake. They face quite a challenge. Silent Hill 2 is a classic that must be given its due respect and at the same time attract younger players. Will it remain faithful to the original?

Personally, I think it will be a similar but different, if not even better experience, due to the fact that the game will be refreshed and/or changed in some way. Of course, I could be wrong. Are we in for a surprise and will we see something new? Will it be good or bad? We’ll have to wait and see. Most of us approach the title quite sentimentally. We will certainly have a horrible time going back to Silent Hill – and I mean that in the best way possible.

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