Interview: ForeverYOLO322

Come and read our interview with one of the best singer in Gwent history – ForeverYOLO322!

You got really amazing results on Gwent Open #1. What is your secret? How did you prepare for it?

Actually, I’m not happy with my result. Yeah, 3rd place is okay, but my personality only wants to win. There is no secret, mainly you just need to be confident in yourself, you are the strongest player in this game, set this in your mind, follow your dream and keep practice, practice, and practice once again. I was just playing ladder and trained a little with my friends, nothing really special. In the first 2 games, I was very nervous. Lots of different aspects pressed on me, I did wrong math in Game 1 just because of it. When I was in 0:2 and he got only AQ left, for me it was over.
When decklists were opened I practiced with my friends vs Shaggy’s lineup and AQ was a number two deck for the ban, one of his strongest decks IMO. So I just decided to forget about tilt, nerves, and everything else.
Just chill and play some gwonty cards like in ladder. And it works!

What were you singing during matches? Any playlist you recommend listening when play Gwent?

Nope, there are no such playlists, my advice is just to listen to what is more close to your heart and your mood. In modern society, people usually like to follow the foundations and opinions of the majority and this even applies to music. Be a person, not a gray mass.

Your lineup differed from all other because of use of Geralt: Yrden, what is your opinion on this card?

Just a situational meta card which can help u to win some matchups. Fits well into the concept of AQ, but it’s not a card which you need to put in every deck or nerf it.

How being a part of an esport team helps you get better results?

For me, it’s just a way to communicate with people and make new friends. But also it helps to improve your skill by watching someone is playing Gwent and analyze everything, especially if it’s someone who are stronger than you.

Do you see difference between opponents level on ladder on different hours? If so, does this effect depend on your current MMR and which hours do you find easiest to climb?

Yeah, in my opinion, the easiest time to climb it’s about 6AM – 11AM to CEST, but when you have high MMRs, and you don’t want to lose 11 for loss and gain 3 for win it’s better to play after or around midnight. And it’s also much better to play against stronger players.

Which decks in current meta are the easiest to pilot, and which are the hardest? What’s your opinion about one trick decks, like Viy?

I think that in Gwent there are no “easy” decks, because even Viy has a lot of aspects of how to play in different situations, match-ups, and so on, like mulliganing larva against NG because your opp will replay it 3 times or even more. About hard decks, in the current meta, NG is one of the strongest and hardest, because, on it, you have 1 thousands way of winning (I am not talking about some RNG moments with Alchemists or Canta).

Traps and other no-units decks – love them or hate them, and why?

I am not a no-unit player, but my opinion is neutral about such decks. Sometimes no-unit players think that they are “special” or “better than meta-decks players” and it’s kinda funny 🤣

In this patch we still didn’t get any type of new Dual Faction Card. Any ideas for that type of cards?

I think if CDPR’s wants to make such cards they should be as strong as Gord, because of their uniqueness.

What archetype would you like to be buffed so that it is reasonably competitive?

Passiflora SY and BIG Mo. In the case of SY it’s fascinating to play on the deck which needs you to play every engine in the right order, manage coins, and so on. About MO, sometimes you just want to not think a lot and crush your opponents with “SHUPE GWONTY CARD DROP, ME PLAY BIG CARDS, ME SMORT”.

Ukraine’s representation in Gwent is getting stronger and stronger. For example Kar5555 is also from Ukraine, he won our Falka’s Rebellion tournament event, and now he is in top 10 crown points player. Gwent’s community in your country – is it somehow organized? Does it benefit you as a player?

Actually, I’m really proud that I’m representing such a region with maybe not a huge amount of competitive players, but everybody of them is really strong. Most of us are in different teams, but we communicate with each other very often, and soon you will see me, Kar5555, and others in Team Ukraine at Aretuza’s World Cup. Yap, I got a lot of support from CIS region during this open. But also there were such people who supported me only when I was winning and after my loss to Tailbot they “changed their shoes”. But I want to say big thanks to every real fan from every region, because my fan base becomes bigger during this open thanks to my positive-clown vibes 😂. I saw some negative messages in Twitch chat, that I’m a clown, and so on. Guys, do I look like a person who cares about the opinions of people who are trapped in their minds and mindlessly follow the rules. I am not afraid to be positive and in future tournaments, you will see more ForeverCLOWN322 things. 😄🤡

What’s your daily/weekly routine of playing Gwent, and how does it evolve during a season.

There is no such routine, I am playing Gwent only when I have a wish to play it. For example, during the 2nd Gwent masters season, I played only 1 season, took Top 64, and didn’t play qualifications due to lack of desire. So, in fact, I don’t need to play every season, for example, I got qualified into Open through my first qualifications and showed a good result on it. So I think that if I’m going to play Gwent like I’m playing it now, and I will not miss half a year of gameplay, soon you will see a guy who will become a worthy competitor to Tailbot and Pajabol.

Any advices for beginners, first steps, any little secrets?

I entered Gwent when CDPR’s released arena mode and I spent a lot of hours playing it. So I got a full OBT collection for about 3 months of gameplay without any payments. But for now, I have no idea how it’s better for newbie players to make a full collection. About improving your gameplay, you should watch streamers who are playing on meta decks at the top of the ladder, like Spyro, Shinmiri, and so on. Also, most of them are making educational videos on their YouTube channels.

What’s the most broken card/combo you’ve played so far in Year 3?

Just released Tyrggvi was completely broken. And the Second Wind warriors deck too.

Did you play in Open Beta? If yes which was your favorite deck from Beta?

Yes, Veterans, took a lot of Top 100 in common ladder playing them.

Do you remember your first days at Gwent?

Yes, I came here form HS, and during the first week it was hard for me to understand the mechanics of blue/red coin and card advantage.

If you could only play a single faction/deck for the rest of your career, which one would that be?

SK, because in OBT I was jamming Veterans mostly.

Which 3 cards should be reworked in your opinion?

NG shuffling cards, alchemists, poisoned weapons, and so on. I don’t really like Keltullis concept. And Passiflora should be more playable.

What seasonal mode is your favorite?

I am not playing seasonal modes.

Which other player has earned most of your respect?

Pajabol for his Gwent Masters performance. And Tailbot with Demarcation for their tilt stability.

What is the biggest problem of new Arena mode?

As I said above arena in the past gave me a lot of resources, for now it’s nonsense to play in any Gwent mode which gives you no rewards when you are newbie, and nonsense to play mode which have no competitive spirit when you are pro player.

Life is not only about Gwent, right? What are your other hobbies, and do you have enough time to play other games?

For now, I’m into programming, nothing to say about it, to be honest, because of lockdown there is no other hobbies, about other games, usually, when I have no desire to play Gwent I am trying myself into different CCGs, for example, I took local “pro ladder” in MTGA for 2 weeks of gameplay and local “pro ladder” in LoR in OBT also about for 2 or 3 weeks of gameplay, but this games became boring for me very soon.

What do you think about the direction of Gwent development?

For now, I think it’s okay, but meta changing patches should be more often.

Would you like the Faction Challenges coming back?

To be honest, I don’t care about it.

If you’re playing any other card games, what mechanics would you import from them into Gwent?

I tried almost every CCGs which are popular, and I think Gwent conception are unique, so let it be unique forever.

Thank you for your time, and good luck on the future tournaments!

You can follow ForeverYOLO322 on Twitch.

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